Daily Archives: September 2, 2018

This off-road S-Class is what Mad Max would drive if he won the lottery

Mercedes-Benz built the W140-generation S-Class from 1991 through 1998. During that time, we'd estimate that approximately zero of the engineers involved in the project ever envisioned a jacked-up, off-road version sitting atop a former military truck chassis. Someone out there figured that this would be a smart play, however, and they were right. This is...

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What’s the performance difference between new and used tires?

Jason Fenske from Engineering Explained is here to tell you all about what happens as your tires wear down. While you think it's a simple reduction in grip, there's a whole lot more to process. In fact, certain tires can see an increase in grip as the tire wears down. Confused? You won't be for long. One of the most important features for a tire is how much...

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