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Leo bites down on the knly gag in his mouth as the dildo is driven deep in his hole. The cruisers then shove his face into the urinal for a swirly while they take turns fucking the bound stud. He's passed back and forth, swallowing cock while more cock rams him from behind. Leo's then dragged around on all fours to lick everyone's ass while enduring the zapper shocking him over and over.

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The cruisers then shove his face into the urinal for a swirly while they take turns fucking the bound stud. The shoppers gather around and feel the boy up as they tear his clothes away and push him to his knees to suck cock. They plow his ass from behind, his weights swinging back and forth as they dangle from his balls.

Friends only gay guys 31524

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The cruisers then order the boy to blow his own load and lick it off their boots before everyone hoses him down with icy cold beer. A line of horny dudes wait to enter the playspace when all of a sudden Kirk is busted through the door, shoved to his knees and 3152 face buried in their crotches.

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Trenton Ducati isn't quite finished with him yet though, he gugs Sebastian off with one more ram fuck before sending Sebastian on his way. Adam Herst orders the guys to lift the boys legs in the air for a good ass fucking. Connor works all the cock he can find and even takes a load of cum to the face. When everyone least expects it, Van, ed by Christian Wilde and Trenton Ducati decide to crash the party.

Friends only gay guys 31524

They rip off his underwear and gag him with it as everyone comes up to grope the boy. Christian shoves his beautiful cock in Connor's ass while he swallows everyone's cock.

Friends only gay guys 31524

Trenton asks the manager if it's alright for them to have some fun in the store and 3152 it for their home movies. Jason's chained by the neck in all directions, the crowd cheering him on as he's flogged front to back. He's ordered to suck and stroke cock until he gets a load of cum out of them before taking Christian Wilde's hard cock up his ass.

After stuffing as many cocks into Brandon at once, the guy's bring him to his knees and have onlu begging for cum as they reward him with a bukkake. As the greedy whore licks their boots and swallows their cocks, the crowd bends him over and takes turns fucking his slutty hole. Seth's tied down on the table as the crowd runs a train on him, handgagging his mouth to shut him the fuck up. Fdiends

Gsy the manager's approval, Trenton whores out his bound stud to the crowd, bending him over as they each line up to eat out his ass. Jason endures hot wax poured all over his body before he begs for more Friencs. Bound and blindfolded, Connor has his cock edged by the crowd before enduring Christian's intense flogging. The guys untie Brandon's hands as he's pushed down face first onto a couch full of horny dudes as he services their cocks while getting fucked from behind.

They stop by a group of guys smoking outside and encourage them to make use of Brock Frieends his gag. In front of thousands of people, the guys hold Sebastian down as Master Avery warms his backside up with the flogger. The cruisers finish the bound slut off by pissing all over his face to hose him down.

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Gyys crowd gathers around, tormenting Jason's cock and balls with ice cold drinks poured all over his junk. They tackle the perv to the ground and cuff his hands behind his back, shoving him down on their cocks to teach him a lesson. The guys then drag him onto a table, pinning him down and shoving their cocks in his mouth as Brandon's hole opens up for a fist.

They take the pumpkin off his face to put his mouth to 315524 use. The horny crowd awaits in the sauna as Connor crawls in servicing their cocks. They fuck him like a spit roast before binding his hands and legs to the pillars and flogging him for everyone's amusement. The art thief begs for mercy as he's mercilessly fucked onyl behind, but all he gets is the piece of art he tried to steal bashed over his head.

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One last surprise with clothespins down his torso has Seth screaming at the top of his lungs while all the crowd can do is laugh at the whore's expense. Christian Wilde le Jason around by his fat cock as Frienxs comes up to grope him. They bury his face in their cheeks before seeing how many cocks they can shove into the whore's mouth.

On his hands and knees with a hood on his head, Eli crawls around searching for cock as he's tormented with the zapper. fay

Happy Halloween!!! When the guys untie his hands to service their cocks, Austin makes a run for the door.

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After they torment his sore nipples, Connor Maguire flips Isaac over on his knees and onoy him on top of the bar. He kicks and screams, but his resistance is futile as the swarm of guys tear away his clothes and gag him. They swing the doors open and pull out muscled hunk Seth Santoro, bound and gagged with electrical tape, and rush him inside a nearby building. The horny crowd then holds down the muscled whore on a table as the guys run a train on him, gang fucking him and finishing him off with shower of cum.

Models in shoot: Tripp Townsend, Christian Wilde, Connor Maguire At a sex shop here in the bay, shoppers search around the store as Tripp Townsend is brought in, bound and gagged, ready to be whorred out to the public.

Friends only gay guys 31524

Van drags Sebastian around, forcing him to swallow cock before the guys ravage his hole and shove his face into his gus cake. When Tripp starts to get a smart mouth the guys shut up with a cock in his mouth and add clothespins right onto his balls. After a relentless flogging the guys slap a hood on the delinquent before dragging him to the back Friiends. We write all over Brandon's chest, face and ass expressing exactly what he's thankful for. They take turns playing with his cock till it's rock hard.

They finish Austin off with a bukkake to the face before dragging him off to the bathroom for more punishment.

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Too bad for Billy no one's liking his music, after being booed by the crowd Billy's had enough. The guys throw him on the couch and start onlu him from both ends. The bathroom whore then services each cock until they blow a load onto his face. An electric butt plug is shoved up Brock's ass while the guys pin him down to the ground with their feet and ordering him to blow his load.

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The crowd huddles around as Eli's legs are spread wide for more ass fucking. Once some clover clamps are attached to Connor's nipples, Jessie torments him with the zapper all over his body.

Friends only gay guys 31524

They cover his face in cum before dragging him off, kicking and screaming for more punishment. With a gag in his mouth, Damien has his cock edged before he's turned around and beaten with the crop, his cock growing hard the harder he's Frienda.

Friends only gay guys 31524

He's passed around, the crowd shoving as many cocks as they can fit into his mouth before Tripp is bent over the counter and fucked for everyone to see.