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The synopsis below may give away important plot points.

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Her cell phone flashes, and she returns inside. They are harassed at the US border, and told to pull in for secondary inspection. He drops the nanny and kids off in the desert, and takes off to lose the police.

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The helicopter takes Susan to a hospital, where press and suits film her arrival. The groom is concerned that the nephew is drunk, but he insists he is fine.

The other passengers don't want to stay, but Richard insists. They were going to send a helicopter, but there are problems with that. The man is frustrated, tells her she has to stay, and hangs up fck her.

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The police draw their guns and open fire. Richard and the tour guide chat while Susan sleeps in the late afternoon.

Even though Chieko can't hear the music, she gets into the lights and movement. He reminds her that she has a dentist appointment later that day. It is now on its way.

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She tells the kids to wait in a shady spot for her to go and get help. Susan has three puffs, and relaxes. Authorities have been accused of being apathetic. Jump to Jump to search Tuck and foreign victims, including indigenous peoples, are sex trafficked into and out of the states of Mexico.

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They promise that they will never leave the kids again, and kiss. The two Moroccan boys hide the gun. The nanny tries, but cannot find anyone else to look after the kids, so she packs them up, and takes them to Mexico with her, her nephew driving them.

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She is agitated and doesn't want to be there. This seems to have been the cause of their anxiety. They use clothing, grl, and candy to attract children to houses they rent or buy. Police have been complicit. She looks at him longingly, and is clearly frustrated by her inability to communicate. Local, state, and federal anti-sex trafficking efforts have been criticized for being insufficient.

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They are guarded or locked up [5] in brothels, bars, hotels, [2] homes, and other locations. Angry, she leaves, but is frustrated walking down the street not able to hear anything. The nanny gets the kids up, and they try to find where the car went. Doubtful that a bullet could reach, the younger of the two boys aims at a tour bus nearly 3 kilometers away and takes a shot, not considering what repercussions may ensue.

The team blames her for their loss. The police officer asks him if he owned a rifle that he gave to an Moroccan hunting guide. The father is concerned for the guide.

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Fck immigration officer berates the nanny, and says the kids could have died from her neglect; she is to be deported. They swarm the house of the original man that sold the gun, who is beaten, and tells the police that he sold the gun to his neighbour, Aboum. The nanny explains that her son's wedding is that night, Mexicoo she really can't stay.

Sex trafficking and exploitation have permeated all levels of Mexican society.

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He asks for his son, who tells him about school, then pauses and asks if he is okay. Everyone is dancing and carrying on. The younger son grabs the rifle, and shoots one of the police in the shoulder. The police arrive and say that an ambulance was to be dispatched, but was canceled by the American embassy. The son runs down to the police, and confesses to shooting the tour bus and the police officer.