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However, a of respondents to the optional free-text question used it to highlight negative experiences. Gender identity services Trans respondents were asked about their experience of accessing gender identity services.

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Intersex Two percent of the survey respondents 1, identified as intersex.

The ACLU believes that since we have attached such enormous social consequences to marriage, it violates equal protection of the law to deny lesbian and gay couples the right to wed. Violent hate crimes, such as the murder of Wyoming student Matthew Shepherd, depict a grisly backlash against LGBTs or people perceived to be gay. Scores of government and private companies recognize the domestic partnerships of their employees. Inafter more than two decades of support for lesbian and gay struggles, the American Civil Liberties Union established a national Lesbian and Gay Rights Project.

The rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people

However, the breadth of issues covered in response was extensive, and many respondents discussed themes that were distinct from those addressed elsewhere in the survey. Successive UK governments should take credit for what has been achieved. They prescribe cross-sex hormones for those over 16 and studet surgery for those over Key intersex themes from the optional free-text responses included coulpes records concerning medical interventions at a young age e.

Publishing more data This paper and its accompanying analytical report provide an initial overview of data.

By challenging the discriminatory policies of these states, the ACLU is working hard to prevent similar policies from being adopted in other parts of the country. I did the same again but withheld the fact I am trans and suddenly I got interviews. Using many of the grass-roots and litigation strategies employed by other 20th century activists, gay rights advocates have achieved ificant progress: Ten states, the District of Columbia, many municipalities and hundreds of businesses and universities now ban employment discrimination.

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The struggle for legal equality for LGBT people rests on several fundamental constitutional principles. The state of Hawaii recognizes domestic partners.

No bi couples student 4

Most of us coples the right to participate in daily life on an equal footing for granted, the Court said, either because we already have the right under the law, or because we are not subjected to that kind of discrimination. The remaining sodomy laws will be challenged in the legislatures and the courts until they are all eliminated.

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Laws which prohibit discrimination simply give LGBT people that basic right to be equal participants in the communities in which they live. There will be some limitations on what can be shared for example data that is so granular as to identify individuals but our general principle will be to share what we can to protect the anonymity of respondents whilst enabling wider discussion and exploration in this area.

Of the 2, respondents who discussed gender transition and gender identity services in the optional free-text response, a picture was painted of hard-to-access services, a lack of knowledge among GPs about what services are available and how to access them, and the serious consequences of having to wait. We therefore asked a series of questions in the survey to better understand the experience of LGBT people in employment.

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Openness at work Nineteen percent of respondents with a job in the preceding 12 months had not been open about their sexual orientation or gender identity with any of their colleagues at the same or a lower level. The court refused to do so, in essence saying that living studejt a home wracked with violence was preferable to living with a father who is gay and "commits sodomy. For example, 1 in 8 trans employees responding to a recent Stonewall survey said they had been attacked by a colleague or customer at work.

The ACLU believes the best way to redress discrimination is to amend all existing federal, state and local civil rights laws and all existing business and university policies to ban discrimination based on sexual orientation. Many responses talked positively about being able to legally marry their same-sex cuoples and how, more generally, this was vital to societal acceptance of being LGB.

No bi couples student 4

This Amendment protects the right to organize and urge government to end discrimination, to recognize lesbian and gay relationships, and to adopt laws couppes discrimination in the private sector. We believe in stdent as much public sector data as possible in an accessible format. Being lesbian and the views of straight people around me has changed beyond all measure in the 31 years since coming out to family and friends, for the better sic. No federal law prevents a person from being fired or refused a job on the basis of sexual orientation.

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Despite these advances into the American mainstream, however, LGBT people continue to face real discrimination in all areas of life. LGBT students and teachers face daily harassment and discrimination in the schools, and LGBT student groups in high schools and colleges still face roadblocks.

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LGBT people are battling for their civil rights in Congress, in courtrooms and in the streets. Intersectional analysis, for example looking at the experience of LGBT people who have a faith, would also be possible.

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Mothers and fathers lose child custody simply because they are gay or lesbian, and gay people are denied the right to marry. We will be conducting further analysis in line with our policy priorities and will publish further data as appropriate.

This studnet them to change the gender marker on their birth certificate following transition, bringing it in line with other documentation, and also to be legally treated in the gender in which they identify. However, a of respondents to the optional free-text question used it to highlight negative experiences.

Other headline findings Though questions on safety, health, education and employment constituted the main content of the survey, we were able to get rich and douples data on a range of other areas, particularly from the optional free-text question. We must conclude that Amendment 2 classifies homosexuals not to further a proper legislative end but to make them unequal to everyone else.

It is one of the best places globally to be LGBT.

No bi couples student 4

Well-known figures are discussing their sexual orientation in public.